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Packaging Products

  • Fresh meat icon

    Fresh meat

    Pork, beef, and chicken are vacuum-packed to maintain freshness for a long time. In addition, the texture and shape of raw meat are expressed as is, making the product look attractive.

  • Sausages and Processed meats icon

    Sausages and Processed meats

    Grand Pack helps you distribute sausages, hams, etc. freshly and safely by packaging them nicely and safely.

  • Instant food and Convenience food icon

    Instant food and Convenience food

    We provide competitiveness by extending the shelf life of cooked pasta, lunch boxes, meal kit products, and snacks and making distribution convenient. We provide high-quality packaging that not only makes it fresh for consumers but also makes it look attractive.

  • Cheese icon


    Grand Pack maintains the unique flavor of cheese for a long time and provides a safe packaging solution for long-term distribution.

  • Vegetable protein and Alternative foods icon

    Vegetable protein and Alternative foods

    Grandpack provides packaging solutions to safely package eco-friendly plant-based protein foods and make them attractive to consumers.

  • Fruits and Vegetables icon

    Fruits and Vegetables

    We safely package carrots, salad vegetables, herbs, apples, kiwi, etc. without damaging the external surfaces of products with delicate surfaces. It extends the shelf life and keeps it moist and fresh.

  • Bakery icon


    We package bakery products such as bread, cookies, donuts, etc. to protect them from the external environment so that they can maintain their aroma, taste, and shape.

  • Fish and Seafood icon

    Fish and Seafood

    We provide high-quality packaging solutions to safely distribute fish and seafood, which are very sensitive to the external environment, and extend their shelf life. It also helps make seafood more attractive to consumers.

  • Industrial parts icon

    Industrial parts

    We provide packaging solutions to distribute small parts, chemical products, etc. in optimal condition without damage to the external environment.

  • Medical supplies icon

    Medical supplies

    We provide convenience by packaging syringes, diagnostic supplies, surgical supplies, disposable products, laboratory supplies, etc. in a sterile state, protecting them from external contamination, and packaging them so that they are easy to open when in use.

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