• GPP700

Exterior Drawings

GPP700 Drawings


It is possible to install in a limited space with a small size packing machine, and productivity improvement and improvement of packing quality can be expected with minimum cost.


Size (mm) 6200 * 1100 * 1800
Mold width (mm) 380 (based on GP360) Power consumption (Kw/h) about 28
Mold Pitch (mm) 200 (based on GP360) Air supply pressure 6Kg/Cm2 Over
Mold Depth (mm) 50 Machine weight (Kg) 1700~2200
Production (cycle/min) 5~7 Film Diameter (mm) 400
Product release type Conveyor Cooling water consumption 100L/min
By adjusting the motor by natural load, the film can be supplied stably and the film loss can be minimized.
When a facility problem occurs, the details of the fault are displayed in the error history window, and the problem can be quickened.
The time can be adjusted according to the packaging conditions and the skill of the operator.
You can fine-tune temperature, vacuum degree, time, and sequence for each package. And it has a setting saving function, so it is convenient to use the stored contents depending on the application.
It has a split cutting function in the same section, so it is possible to cut in small packing units.
When cutting in the forward direction, it is possible to select the driving and non-driving knife options.
Rails or hinges are attached to the bottom of the mold, making it easy to replace the mold.
The foaming mold and the sealing mold are equipped with a complete thermal protection device, which eliminates the need to supply cooling water, thus saving costs.
The lubricating oil injection port of the rotation and operation part is assembled to the outside, so that the lubricant can be easily injected.

logo Characteristics of thermoform vacuum packing machine only

▶ The world's first skin packaging technique mounted on thermoform vacuum packaging machine

  • All parts can be disassembled and cleaned with water.

  • Designed to fit the body shape of the Orient, the worker's fatigue can be minimized.

  • [Patent] Significant savings by converting the ultra high thermoforming packing machine into facility investment. (option)

  • Thermoforming Vacuum packing, steel vacuum, vacuum, cup sealer, MAP etc. (option)

  • Options such as automatic feeder, filling machine, and labeler are available.

Packaging Process 3D

Work process

Work process
  • 01

    The film which can be formed by heat is supplied with uniform tension.

  • 02

    When the supplied bottom film is properly heated at the molding station, the container is molded to fit the frame.

  • 03

    Fill the molded container with the product to be packed manually or automatically.

  • 04

    The top film covers the container containing the product and then moves to the vacuum / sealing station with the bottom film.
    You can print expiration dates, product numbers, and so on.

  • 05

    Make a vacuum in the vacuum / sealing station and, if necessary, connect the top and bottom film with heat and pressure after the gas is filled.
    You can choose from various packaging such as vacuum pack, gas replacement pack, steam flush pack, hot pack, and skin pack.

  • 06

    The finished product is cut in the cross direction and the proceeding direction, and it is possible to select the date cut, zigzag cut, dotted line cut according to the type.
    Labeler function can be installed in this area.


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